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ALIA VITA translates from Latin to Another Life. ALIA VITA Camp offers children the opportunity to have fun while participating in a variety of sports and activities. 

We really are quite special. We are a small, local non-profit, committed to this work because we truly value spending time with kids outdoors. Our instructors are highly trained experts in their field who love their work. We are committed to safety and providing an individualistic, enjoyable experience for each child that is more like an outdoor summer vacation adventure than a camp. We provide a unique blend of wilderness skills, useful hands-on experiences, creativity and child centered play.


Alia Vita is an organization founded on the principle of providing fun in movement outdoors for participating young boys and girls.

Our camps teach the participants the fundamentals of a variety of sports in a fun and challenging environment, while encouraging sportsmanship and participation. Providing a unique venue for growth, allowing kids to become independent and self-confident, while socializing and making new friends, and even learning new skills.



• Enjoy physical activity

• Improve children's ability to play different sports

• Increase children's knowledge of the different team games
• Friendship Building

• Develop self-confidence and self-esteem

• Provide professional supervision


Life at Camp AliaVita is full of sports, arts, friendships and learning!


Soccer, volleyball, table tennis, yoga, athletic conditioning, rope slacking, track and field, dancing, hiking, sports olympiads and competitions. 


Drawing, painting, cooking, rock and wood painting, knitting, crocheting, felting and sewing.


Drama, journalism, culinary, board games, chess and checkers club


Logic game, linguistics, learning songs and poems, geography, naturalist skills (making a herbarium, learning about plants and animals), first aid training (providing first aid in water and on land), workshops about friendship, team building, helping and supporting each other, and all kids of other life topics.

"Carrying, loving and health oriented. My boys went to camp since my youngest wasn’t even 5 yet and they loved it. I’ve been recommending the camp for years to everyone I know. Kids made many friends and always enjoyed the camp."

Stella Gaber

Alia Vita is not just your regular camp for kids. It is a true adventure, coupled with well thought out learning activities, physical exercises and social bonding which creates real friendships and lasting memories. Our kids have attended Alia Vita camp for over 10 years and often call it the absolute highlight of their summer break. And what can be more rewarding for the parents to see than their kids coming back in healthy, happy and with great friends !
Anna Levin
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Levin Family

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